What is WCS?

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance that finds its origin in the swing family of dances. It is often categorized among street dances due to its improvisatory style and is mostly practiced as a social dance. Today’s WCS is a contemporary dance style, which integrates movements from Hip Hop, Zouk, Jazz, Latin, etc.
The main characteristics of the dance are its elasticity and that it is performed in an imaginary narrow rectangle, called the dance slot. The dancers interpret the music together and independently. The main dynamics is based on 2-beats of music (upbeat and downbeat), and traditional patterns are formed on 6- and 8-beat rhythms. On dance parties partners mix, i.e., typically change after each song.

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Some characteristics and qualities of...

West Coast Swing

"Lazy Man's Dance"

It is commonly slow and relaxed, but can also be upbeat and lively!


Not only are you connected to your partner, you are connected to music.

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While you can dress up, this dance is danced comfortably in regular clothes.