Would you like to teach WCS ?

Join our trainings !


Dates in Person: 
February 23rd: 11:00 - 13:00

March 22nd: 11:00 - 13:00 

Dates via Group Video Call: 

with Stephen White: Sunday Feb 3rd

with Brandi Guild: TBD

Non OUS members. 220 nok/hour 

OUS members. 100 nok/ hour

If you are interested to join us, Please contact us via email or phone call!
Email: argodancenfitness@gmail.com 

Phone: 991 59 088

With the teacher training, you get the full spectrum! The theory, the technique and the psychology on how to present to a class by getting 1st hand mock teaching experience. 


Someone can be an incredible dancer, but it doesn’t mean that they have the ability to teach and to pass their skill onto others. Teaching is a very unique skill, that not every professional dancer or performer is able to master. 


If you feel that teaching WCS is something that calls you, then its time to get started with teacher training!


Going onto the 11th year of teaching dance with extended teacher trainings as a ballroom professional and west coast swing  I have prepared the tools to help guide and coach you in your dance teaching journey. 


Welcome to a full weekend of training with peers who are passionate about our dance community and offering quality of teaching and making better West Coast Swing dancers in Norway!




What you will learn over the weekend!



  • How to dance all the basics as a leader and follower

  • What is the best and efficient way to approach teaching the 5 basics

  • How to plan and structure your classes

  • Tools & Drills to develop your own dancing and what is relevant to present to a class!


  • Where to go after teaching the 5 basics.

  • How to structure your classes and pattern development.  

  • Understand Timing and Musicality and Swing!

  • Learn the steps in booking classes, workshops and privates!