John Lindo

Oslo, Norway

August 16 -17th, 2019

Møllergata 6 


This event is an all level event as the concepts will be technique based. 

You must have a basic understanding of passes, whips and preps. 

If you don´t know if your level is suitable, you may consult with Ardena via email @ or phone call 991 59 088.

Weekend Pass

Tier 1

​Tier 1 Passes ( 15 passes)
1, 200 NOK

Tier 2 

Tier 2 Passes  ( 20 passes)
 1,400  NOK

Tier 3

Tier 3 Passes ( 15 passes)

1, 600 NOK 

What is Tier Pricing? 

The early bird gets the worm! The earlier you buy a ticket, the better your price will be.

The schedule for tier pricing is done by a set number of tickets.

There are: 15 Tier 1 tickets and 20 Tier 2 tickets and 15  Tier 3 tickets.

Return/Transfer Policy: 

Tickets are non-refundable, under any circumstance, unless the event is canceled. 

Yet, if for some reason you can’t attend you may transfer your ticket to another person.

What you get with a ticket:
Passes include 2 nights of dancing, 6 hours of learning, snacks, drinks, dance moves, dance history, memories, smiles and lots of inspiration =)

See John Dance!


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