June 19-21, 2020

Sørmarka, Enebakkveien 625, 1404 Siggerud

Oslo, Norway

About Sol Swing

Come celebrate summer solstice dancing with the hottest professionals in WEST COAST SWING history. Different styles of wcs, all mixed at one event with workshops tailored to your level. You will greet friends and meet new ones, you will experience midnight sun and dance until dawn. We have chosen the sweetest spot, you will be surrounded by nature and a beautiful lake ... you can even bring a tent and sleep outside. You'll be glad you came!

Stephen White

John Festa

Blake Hobby

Mary Ann Nunez

Alyssa Glanville

How do WCS communities grow? 🤔
They succeed when inspired by skilled and passionate teachers.

You can become such a teacher!🦸‍♀️
If you already teach west coast swing or are just thinking of it - our extra class with Certified Golden State Dance Teacher is for you!

⭐️Mary Ann Nunez⭐️
⏰3 hours split into 2 sessions
Friday 17:00 - 18:30
Saturday 10:00 - 11:30

💡Covers key aspects of being that dance teacher who excels in training dancers and competitors.

💳 Cost: 750 NOK
To sign up, check "Teachers Training" in additional options of your #SOLSWING2020 registration on Danceconvention.

Learn from a Legendary Dancer, multi Champion, International Judge and become that leader who drives change!

Teacher Training

Registration is Open


1400 nok

Sunrise Pass

Dec 20  to Jan 31

1300 nok

Student / Internationals

Daylight Pass

Until March 15th  

1600 nok

Student / Internationals

1500 nok

Sunset Pass

Until May 15th 

1800 nok

Student / Internationals

1700 nok

2000 nok

Student / Internationals

1900 nok

Midnight Pass
from May 16 / @ door

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A beautiful conference hotel 
surrounded by nature 20 min from 
Oslo center!

Enebakkveien 625, 1404 Siggerud

About Sørmarka 

Syverudtjernet lake – swim, hike, rent canoes 

Fitness room, a sauna, tanning beds and more!

Barbecue site at Gapahuken

Free parking, charging possibilities for electric cars



Hotel room + all meals

Single Room 

 1410 NOK /  person/ night 

Double Room 

  1075 NOK / person


Hotel room + Breakfast

SNGL NOK 870 / person/ night

DBL 1070 NOK /room/night


   Tent & Dinner Friday 
NOK 270.00 

 Tent & All Meals Saturday 
NOK 690.00 

   Tent & All Meals Sunday 
NOK 690.00 


  Tent & Breakfast Saturday 
NOK 160.00 

   Tent & Breakfast Sunday 
NOK 160.00 

Shower facilities will be offered 
at hotel premises

Single Room 

 NOK 1410 /  person/ night 

Triple & Quad Room 

964 NOK /person

TRPL 1270 NOK/room/night

QUADR 1479 NOK/room/pr night 
(on request)


Stephen White is a teacher/performer/judge/coach/choreographer predominantly in WCS dancing, though also proficient in International Latin, Theater Arts, Country Western, Hustle, Salsa, and many more. Stephen has actually got his start as a Ballroom instructor and competitor in American Rhythm before transitioning over to West Coast Swing. His diverse background, and passion for getting into people’s heads, lends itself to providing the education his students need. Stephen has been invited to teach, judge, choreograph, and perform in over 20 different countries, and is now making his home in the Clearwater area, at District Dance Academy (DDA). He's excited to become a part of this community in various capacities, and looks forward to dancing with you all!

Stephen White

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John Festa was born into a New York family where swing dancing was vital. He was taught the Lindy Hop at an early age and after a career in ballet, John rediscovered Lindy Hop in the burgeoning swing scene of NYC in the late 80's. It was at his first swing weekend that John was introduced to West Coast Swing. He quickly became a pivotal figure in the national WCS world, especially due to his devoted service to the community: John is Co-Founder of Gotham Swing Club, 1st and foremost WCS Club in the Northeast; Co-Founder of Liberty Swing Dance Championships; hosted the longest-running weekly WCS party in NYC. A renowned instructor, DJ, dance stylist, Judge and competitor, teaching since 1991 in venues across the USA and known to influence dancers and DJ's equally, he is now dedicated to "Classic Style Swing". Festa’s been the recipient of the DJ of the Year award, is a Living Legend of Dance, and been inducted into the Kenny Wetzel DJ Hall of Fame and the World Swing Dance Council Hall of Fame.

John Festa

Blake Hobby Dowling is a two time US Open Champion and a Living Legends of Dance Hall of Fame inductee. She has been competing, teaching, and judging on the National Swing Circuit for over 20 years. Previous to entering the Swing world, Blake danced in ballet companies in Atlanta and Boston. She additionally holds a Master’s degree in teaching which is evident in her planning and implementation of dance instruction. Her teaching style is clear, direct, easy and focuses on technique and execution. 

Blake Hobby

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Mary Ann Nunez

Mary Ann Nuñez is totally hip, and is rated as one of the best swing dance professionals in the USA. She’s an energetic presence on the workshop and on the dance floor at major dance events across the county. Her trademark is her detailed and impressive musical interpretations down to the most miniscule flurry or background beat. Whatever the music is doing, you’ll see her feet, body and motion interrupt it in perfect timing. Two Time winner of the US OPEN Showcase Division, Mary Ann has been inducted into the World Swing Dance Hall of Fame, the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, the National Living Legends and the USOPEN Walk of Fame Legends of Swing. Received a Three Time Feather Award for Most Outstanding Female Dancer and a Three Time Dancers Choice Award for Favorite Female Dancer. Has placed first in many Champion Level Jack & Jill Swing competitions nationwide and has accumulated one of the highest female Jack & Jill contestant points in the WSDC Competitors Registry before retiring from competition. She is a Certified Golden State Dance Teacher. Teaches Workshops, and judges internationally. Loves to share the knowledge so every dance enthusiasts can become a good follower or leader and have fun doing it.

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Alyssa Glanville

Alyssa Glanville has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She started in Lindy Hop and Folk Dancing. While she loved dance, she spent a lot of her youth playing soccer and showing horses competitively. It wasn't until she started ballroom when she was 15 that she was first exposed to West Coast Swing. She immediately fell in love with the dance, especially the creative aspect drawn from other dances. Since then, Alyssa has trained in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Zouk, and Ballet. She uses her knowledge from those dances to enhance her WCS. She just graduated from University in May with a degree in Communications and Business and now is studying to become a Personal Trainer.